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Tracking Down the Speedo Man: Epilogue

Part 9 in a series (previously)
Originally published in the Tucson Citizen, September 2000

In Memory of Bicycle Bob
Born ? – September 2000

He was the most well-known stranger in Tucson. Most of us knew him only as Bob. No last name, no other information. In fact, I'm sure you all knew him well. He was the tan, physically fit, bald man who rode his old bike in a Speedo all over town.

His death saddened me so much that I felt a need to write this little something for him. My way of saying goodbye to Bob. Acknowledging his life and his death and letting him known we'll miss him.

Your friend,

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Anonymous Angela D'Onofrio, angied737@yahoo.com said...

I remember him being active in Tucson especially around the mid to late 90s. He lived really close to me and almost everyday before the sun rose he would have a short run up and down Alvernon, near the Monte Visa/Ft.Lowell area. Some people have said that he was homeless, but he lived in a house on Monte Vista about a block in from Alvernon.

One time while I was walking home from school I saw a couple of guys standing in front of one of those run-down crackhead apartment complexes, and when 'Speedo Bob' rode by they let out this huge dog after him. Must have been a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler. I felt really bad for him.

I don't believe that he got the respect that he deserved as a human being, and I felt really bad when I found out what had happened to him. There are many things that can happen to a person to make them live such an eccentric, solitary lifestyle. People should have made more of an effort to understand him.

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OpenID Carroll said...

That was beautiful

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