Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tracking Down the Speedo Man

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Originally published in Unfiltered Magazine, Spring 2000, by Paul Schramski

I had seen him weeks before, riding down Speedway Boulevard. His leathery skin glistened in the midday sun as he pedaled, half naked, up a paved incline. Called the "Bikeman" by some, he has become one of the most recognized faces in Tucson, but who is he?

1:45 – My friend Brian and I took off after this very question. Driving eastward we met homeless men at many lights and gave them donations or bought newspapers in exchange for information. Many remarked that they had seen him, though none could remember when. These men seemed shocked at our inquisitiveness, but were pleasant in their remarks. The Bikeman was an apparition they saw daily causing them to question their sanity and sobriety. He mocked them like some Saharan mirage.

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