Monday, June 25, 2007

Tracking Down the Speedo Man: The Fire

Part 2 in a series (previously, next)
Originally published in Unfiltered Magazine, Spring 2000, by Paul Schramski

2:15 – These men gave us little information to go on, so we followed our instincts. Signs in front of a collapsing strip mall read, "Honk if you like low prices." I honked quite a few times, and then circled back around to honk for emphasis. This act did very little to scare the Bikeman out of hiding. We kept driving until we caught sight of some smoke. Like pack rats drawn to metal, we dodged down alleys and cut across avenues until we found the source. Several firefighters attempted to put out an old wooden fence near the Wildcat House. The entire neighborhood watched the spectacle. Unless the Bikeman was a pyromaniac, he had very little to do with the fire. Disappointed by the lack of the Bikeman's presence thus far, we retraced our steps down Speedway.

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