Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tracking Down the Speedo Man: Far Horizons Mobile Home Estates

Part 5 in a series (previously, next)
Originally published in Unfiltered Magazine, Spring 2000, by Paul Schramski

3:30 – Intrigued by his mobile lifestyle, I concluded that he would not be opposed to living in a Far Horizons Mobile Home Estates, which proved a bizarre land. White picket fences and petite green lawns characterized every square plot. Nutcracker mailboxes and elderly ladies glared at us on every corner. Brian chanted, "Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!" in hope that by clicking his red slippers he could return home. The tension lessened when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bare male chest. It was pale and wrinkled. It could not be the Bikeman, only a half-naked man gathering his mail and smiling at his exposure. We fled, writhing in laughter and fear.

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