Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sit-Down Urination Will Be a Thing of the Past


"As a frequent traveler, I often worry about the conditions I'll face along the way. I was almost reduced to tears at an airport in a third world country when I saw that the toilet facilities for women were nothing more than holes on the floor. And unfortunately, conditions at our own airports and on airplanes aren't always as pristine as they should be. With My SweetPee, I now know I'll be able to face whatever challenges lie ahead with ease and dignity. Thanks for thinking of the special needs of the female 'road warrior.'"
 - Marie

"I was getting ready for my very first hiking trip, and something started to bother me; how and where would I go to the bathroom on the trails? The guide said, 'Don't worry, you will go behind the tree and sometimes your pants or shoes will get dirty or wet.' Then a friend of mine told me that she never travels without 'My SweetPee' so she gave me some to try. How wonderful! It was so simple and made my trip 'worry free.' Now I always have 'My SweetPee' in my pocket or purse. I don't leave home without one!"
 - Annie

I want one (thanks, Ian).

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