Monday, May 14, 2007

President Bush: Leader of Orchestra, Leader of America

The Grave Digger

President Bush surprised musicians and audience members alike when he took over conducting the 400-strong symphony.

JoAnn Falletta, conductor, soon realized President Bush was behind her "motioning for a try."

"Smiling at me kind of devilishly," Falletta said.

She gave him her baton and stepped aside.

Gesturing exuberantly the president led the orchestra during part of its performance of "Stars and Stripes Forever."

The music was played for Bush's exit after his speech at a ceremony commemorating the founding 400 years ago of Jamestown, America's first permanent English settlement.

The musicians, made up of about 50 members of the Virginia Symphony as well several individuals from youth orchestras around the country, were impressed by how musical Bush was. "He was cueing the brass, he was cueing the percussion, he kept the tempo going," Falletta said.

Link. Until 2004, President Bush was noted as the 'second most musical member of the family' behind Spot.


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