Monday, May 21, 2007

I Am the Lolrus. Goo Goo G'Joob.

Lolcat, the bizarrely grammared captioning on images of cats, other animals, and now humans too, has emerged from the Internet to come into its own as a new language. Mark Liberman thinks it has more to do with pet-directed speech than a kitty pidgin. But Michael Agger is right that lolrus is its finest incarnation. Despite, you know, not actually being a walrus.

Prize to the first person to identify the pinniped species representing lolrus in the above image. And no, it's not Wilford Brimley.

Those lolcats are probably happy because they know they are not going to die.

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's a female elephant seal, so Chris gets the prize, which is my mild respect. In related news, Geoffrey Chaucer explains the phenomenon:
Al of my transportation of sundrie materials and makynge of accomptes hath left me but litel tyme for writing. Ywis, it hath left me but litel tyme for food, sleep or breathinge. And yet in this derke tyme of sorwe and tene, ich haue foond much deliit in the merveillous japeries of the internet. No thyng hath plesed me moore, or moore esed myn wery brayne than thes joili and gentil peyntures ycleped “Cat Macroes” or “LOL Cattes .” Thes wondirful peintures aren depicciouns of animals, many of them of gret weight and girth, the which proclayme humorous messages in sum queynte dialect of Englysshe (peraventure from the North?). Many of thes cattes (and squirreles) do desiren to haue a “cheezburger,” or sum tyme thei are in yower sum thinge doinge sum thinge to yt.
Link (via Language Log).

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Anonymous Chris said...

That looks a lot like a female elephant seal.

4:46 PM  

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