Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clean Water through Child Labor

Playpumps International, a South Africa–U.S. nonprofit, builds drinking-water wells in impoverished parts of Africa that are pumped by children playing on fun, colorful merry-go-rounds. Clean water, fun, and exercise—Pruned thinks it's such a winning idea it should migrate to the obese Southwestern United States. You always see these kids in Sally Struthers public service ads just lying around, so somebody finally decided to put them to work. And if you want more water, you can just grow more kids. I guess children really are Africa's most valuable resource.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad you choose to focus your rapier wit on such a good solution to the water problems in sub-Saharan Africa.

Visit www.playpumps.org and maybe you'll learn how they really work and why they are so successful in these communities.

8:12 PM  

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