Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Select Questions and Concerns about Traffic Cones from the Wikipedia Discussion Page for 'Traffic Cone'

Please explain why stealing pylons is popular with drunk students? This is ageist. Substantiate this claim with a legitimate source.

Twice this article uses the word "delignation." This word is not found in the dictionary. It's probably a misspelling of something (I just found some other misspellings, including ones added in the same edit) but I'm not sure of what. Perhaps "delineation?" But I'm not sure; the phrases "situations requiring traffic delineation" and "warning or delineation devices" don't seem right to me. But perhaps they're part of traffic management or road work lingo. I wouldn't know anything about that.

Impressive is what I call it. I'd like to see anyone, especially drunk steal a pylon! Does this word have a different meaning where you live?

These are about 1m high orange-and-white striped barrels used as barriers where a cone may not be heavy-duty enough. Should the article talk about these? I saw no reference to them.

Although I do not have a "legitimate" source, I do have firsthand experience with this act. Once, I had observed one of these pylons in the storage area in my friend's pickup truck. When confronted, he responded, "Oh, you know. Well, it’s like this. Some chick said that she'd have sex with me if I stole it." While I did not witness the sexual act, I saw the traffic cone and assumed that he had indeed engaged in sexual intercourse.

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