Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chaperone Turns Away Girls Whose Prom Dresses Look Like Prom Dresses

The above dress is too revealing. See how much cleavage it shows? This girl and dozens like her got dressed up for their senior prom at L.W. Higgins High School in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, this past weekend but were turned away at the door:
[A] teacher deemed their dresses too provocative. Most of the offending garb apparently involved excessive display of cleavage.

. . . .

"It's not right," parent Wayne Nelerine said. "It's not right. For 12 years they look for this, and they deny it. They can't do it. It's not right."

One prom-goer said he thinks his date was turned away because of how she's built. He called that "discrimination" and said that's "wrong."
Link (via Feministe). I don't know how much more cleavage this girl could possibly cover up. (Mattingly! I thought I told you to trim those sideburns!) Of course, many parents think that anonymous "prom-goer" is on to something:
Parents lodged several complaints Monday. Some griped that girls whose dresses were equally or more revealing were allowed into the dance and that teachers had approved some of the gowns before the dance but rejected them at the door.

Parents also said that girls with bigger chests have a harder time complying with the dress code.

"There are some breasts you can't hide in a dress," parent Laura Fayette said. "You can't discriminate against a big-breasted woman."

Fayette's son could not get into the prom because his date was one of the girls whose dress did not meet with educators' approval. Fayette said she picked out the gown for the girl and saw nothing wrong with the outfit.

"I think it was very appropriate for a prom," she said. "It wasn't a revealing dress in any way."

Wayne Melerine's daughter, Miranda, asked bluntly, "What do they want us to do, buy a turtleneck dress?"
Link (via Fark). Confidential to any boys from Higgins High who happen to be reading: In my day we would have staged a protest by showing up to school in prom dresses. But really, any excuse to dress in drag, am I right?

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