Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beef on Potatoes

The Grave Digger
If you are an extraordinarily loyal Achewood fan much like myself, you'll be pleased to see an excerpt from 'The Achewood Cookbook' over at Salon. These recipes are by Chris Onstad, Achewood creator, written from the point of view of his characters.

Included in Roast Beef's recipe for home fries is some good old-fashioned restaurant criticism:
I have seen a lot of breakfast restaurants try to make up for all of their other shortcomings (lousy tea, filthy bathroom with a safe in it, waiters with dreadlocks) by putting like ten spices on the home fries.


Ray offers advice for wine-enjoying:

If you take a sip and you completely hate it because it is awful, then there is a problem with the wine. Sometimes wine interacts with the cork and tastes like a swamp. You can return that wine to the store for a full refund. If they say you've had too much of it, maybe go through the produce section and kind of knock some fruit down on the floor.

Really, you should just go read it for yourself. Never hesitate to take advice from cartoon cats, culinary or otherwise.

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