Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Attack of the Giant Toads

They've caught a cane toad in Darwin, Australia, "the size of a small dog" at nearly two pounds:
Measuring 20.5cm in length, the colossal male was one of 39 toads caught in the middle of "a breeding frenzy", said FrogWatch co-ordinator Graeme Sawyer.

"The biggest toads are usually females but this one was a rampant male," he said.

"He is huge. I would hate to meet his big sister."

The second largest toad to be caught in Darwin was a female measuring about 15cm.
Link. I'd still rather tangle with that cane toad than have to deal with this (from Cryptomundo):
Robert Oakley, an upholsterer, was found by an officer tearing La Salle street Chicago like a hunted deer. Oakley told Justice Richardson he had been pursued by a frog 6 feet tall, which croaked as loud as a peal of thunder and had eyes as large and fierce as searchlights.

“I don’t care if I did violate an ordinance. I would violate every ordinance in the criminal code before I’d serve as a meal for any four-legged monster. . . ."

The officer who arrested Oakley explained that for some days a man dressed as a frog had been promenading the street advertising some new brand of medicine.

“This prisoner saw the frog,” said the officer, “and his guilty conscience — some say jimjams — caused him to take flight.”

Justice Richardson discharged the man, with a warning to keep away from La Salle street and medicine advertisers or else stay sober.
What happened to the good old days, when we used to just explode them?

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