Saturday, March 17, 2007

FBI Report: RFK Masterminded Marilyn's Suicide


According to a just-released FBI file, Marilyn Monroe's suicide was "induced" by Senator Robert Kennedy in conspiracy with Peter Lawford and Monroe's housekeeper:
It hints at a link between her death and her threats to publicise her affair with Kennedy. It states: “Her housekeeper put the bottle of pills on the night table. It is reported her housekeeper and Marilyn’s personal secretary and press agent, Pat Newcomb, were co-operating in the plan to induce suicide.”

It says that on the same day Kennedy booked out of the Beverley Hills Hotel and flew to San Francisco, staying at the St Charles Hotel, owned by a friend.

“Robert Kennedy made a telephone call from St Charles Hotel to Peter Lawford to find out if Marilyn was dead yet,” it says.

Lawford called and spoke to Monroe, “then checked again later to make sure she did not answer”.
Link (via Trouble with Spikol). So RFK pulled a Bree Van De Kamp?

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Image credits: "Fred Woodress interviews Marilyn Monroe in 1963," courtesy 87th Infantry Division, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


Blogger Jessica Gold Haralson said...

How strange and timely considering the hooplah over Anna Nicole! Wonder if there is any truth to this...

BTW gonna add you to my blogroll ASAP! Thanks for the comments on my blog!


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