Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Did Red Bull Give Britney Spears Delusions of Wings?

Dr. James Cocores of Boca Raton's Southcoast Psychotherapy and Education Associates says energy drinks like Red Bull, when consumed habitually in large quantities, have caused mood and behavior alterations in his patients:
"I have witnessed numerous other similar situations, and this should serve as a wake-up call for parents. Energy drinks do, in fact, contain several stimulants and one sedative that can alter brain chemistry in a very dramatic way. When used in excess and in the absence of wholesome nutrition, these drinks can cause the kind of brain soup that changes personality and mimics numerous psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder."
Link. Cocores thinks this might be at the root of the latest problems of Britney Spears (pictured at right, in happier times):
"If you did not see it on the set of some of Spears latest antics then you will need to check out other sources to know that she is a big fan of the stuff," said Cocores, who referred to Wikipedia. "So, this pertains to Spears if she in fact consumed large amounts because it could explain, at least in part, her recent bizarre behaviors as depicted in the media."
Liz Spikol opines in her terrific Trouble with Spikol that Red Bull might be the source of not only Britney's head shaving, but also her snake charming. But I think this gives a whole new meaning to the chorus of "Toxic."

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