Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Young, Independent Women Now Collectively Named after Ancient Greek Huntress

Ad agency JWT recently announced a new name for what it views as an emerging demographic of assertive, independent twentysomething women: Atalantas.
They are confident, passionate, adventuresome and unwilling to settle for anything less than the best. They neither conform to negative stereotypes of single women (cold, lonely or sad) nor do they pursue the excesses of less discriminating peers like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

. . . . "Truly reveling in their 'me' years, Atalantas are eagerly sampling life, love and leisure," says [JWT's Marian] Salzman. "And they are forming relationships with a multitude of brands—household goods, electronics, cosmetics, fashion, food, beverages and many more—that may last a lifetime. As with the sought-after market of single 18- to 34-year-old males, with each passing year the earning power and expendable income of these women will rise, making them increasingly lucrative and appealing for marketers."
Link (via YPulse). The press release gives a long list of examples like these:
Scarlett Johansson (22): She's turned her husky voice and voluptuousness into an industry, always seeming to take the fleeting nature of fame with a grain of salt.

. . . .

Serena (25) and Venus Williams (26): Despite injuries, these two tennis champions have hardly been idle. And though controversy follows them, the sisters just ignore their naysayers.

. . . .

Ziyi Zhang (27): "China's gift to Hollywood" is a slim charmer with big talent whose accomplishments are inspirational for many thousands of women.
Not listed is the original Atalanta, pictured above, who suckled on a bear as a small girl, outran suitors until she was distracted with golden apples, and may or may not have sailed on the Argos. Nor is Martha Atalanta Lumpkin Compton, daughter of former Georgia Governor Wilson Lumpkin, who lent her first two names to one Georgia city: Marthasville was renamed Atlanta in 1845.

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Image credits: Atalanta and Hippmenes (detail), Guido Reni, Italian, 1622-25.


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