Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Select Questions and Concerns about Spatulas from the Wikipedia Discussion Page for 'Spatula'

How many people spell spatula 'SPATCHULA'. If you know any one please tell me

I've begun to add some important information about the risks and benefits of titanium spatulas. Just curious... Why was it never added??

What's "Ca2O4DHe6"? There is no element with symbol "D", and He (Helium) is inert and generally doesn't form compounds. Where did this chemical formula come from?

Isn't there a lab tool that's also called a spatula? You know we have a problem in our society when there's like 5 different things called spatulas.

I've always been told (including by those who should know and by many a cook) that many of the things pictured in this article are not spatulas. Some are frosting devices which can be called a spatula, but the two on the ends (see picture) are pancake turners. And the thing I believe to be a spatula (long, thin, flexible, rounded corner blade for separating a cake from the pan) isn't even shown.

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