Thursday, January 25, 2007

Random Movie Quote Thursday

Wait a second.
Not because I was afraid,
because I hated it.
You have to believe me on this.
This has nothing to do with fear.
This is hate.
This is a rotten contraption, your honors.
First of all,
it heats up like a toaster oven;
I burned the hair off my thigh from my knee to my crotch—
singed it right off.
Secondly, I don't know if it was the leather seat,
or if it was lined with fur,
but years of rotting and drying out and getting wet—
mine smelled like an old sheepdog.
Thirdly, it's very,
very noisy.
And they don't tell you about that;
you don't find out until about the second hour when you can't hear anyone.
You get off and have a snack,
and your friends are in a silent movie.
And, fourth,
pardon the expression,
but your balls vibrate for three weeks afterwards.

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