Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Goats in Trees

You may already know that goats climb mountains. You may also know that goats eat just about anything. And you may look at this picture and notice that there isn't anything to eat on the hard, mud-caked ground yet there are tasty leaves high up in the trees. So, knowing something of evolution, you might not be surprised that those goats who adapted an ability to get to the tasty leaves survived and produced a race of leaf-and-nut-eating offspring. But with all your powers of logical inferrence, I bet you're still stunned to see Goats . . . in . . . Trees (via Neatorama)!

Reached for comment, a goat said, "You see that tree over there? I learned to climb that tree! But do they call me tree-climber?"

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Image credits: "Meie nopime puu otsast Ƶunu, pirne, ploome jms - marokolased aga kitsi!" Remo Savisaar, courtesy
pildiblog, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


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