Tuesday, November 21, 2006

May We Suggest . . .

How I Met Your Mother. It was pretty obvious that the creators of Friends pitched it to the network executives as "like Cheers, but these friends hang out in a cafe instead of a bar." And it is equally obvious that the creators of this show on CBS (a mark against it in and of itself) pitched it as "like Friends, but with a bar instead of a cafe." So it has that working against it. Plus, it's a sitcom. Didn't those things go out of style about the same time as the Spice Girls and CompuServe? But this show has a terrific cast—props for hiring not only Alyson Hannigan and an against-type Neil Patrick Harris, but also the goofy tall guy from Freaks and Geeks—and that most important aspect of television comedies: actually being funny.

Anything pumpkin flavored. This time of year only comes around . . . something something. It used to just mean pumpkin pie, but now there are loaves, lattes, gelatos, sorbets, smoothies, cookies, and probably beer. It's not just the pumpkin—although it is the pumpkin—it's also the allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg (sweet fancy ketchup, the nutmeg!) that goes along with it. Yum with extra m's.

Fastforwarding through that one song in The Muppet Christmas Carol. You know which one I mean. Redonkulously slow and maudlin, it throws on the emergency brake right in the middle of the highway to funtown. And ugh, that unnecessary love interest. This is why the remote has that button with the two rightward triangles.

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Blogger The GraveDigger said...

I always fast-forward that song too.

My favorite is the Scrooge song at the beginning

"There goes Mr. Humgbug, there goes Mr. Grim..."

12:02 PM  

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