Monday, September 11, 2006

Going Batty

The Grave Digger
Arkansas is facing a serious bat problem at Mansfield Elementary School.

Bat have been roosting in classrooms, and since school has resumed in August, the problem has only worsened. A few days before school began, a teacher discovered a dead bat in a utility closet. But then, there was the guano. Sweet Jesus, the guano.

'I had no idea it was going to be this big, had no idea,'' said Mansfield Elementary Principal Kathy Goff. 'We found guano on the roof. That's when we knew there was a major problem.'

Superintendent Jim Hattabaugh believed students were the source of one problem.

'We started looking around and noticed the odor was something else, and we kind of blamed that on the little boys missing the toilet,'' he said.

Link. Animal control workers have suggested a bat funnel, which will lead the bats to fly out during the night and be unable to find their way back in. Next year, the school is looking to replace the roof, which should eliminate the bat problem.

If you ask me, you should just scare them out with some good old fashioned Meatloaf.


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