Friday, September 22, 2006

From Good Samaritans to GTA Abettors

The good people of Mesa, Arizona, are so good that they'll help a stranded driver learn to drive stick without batting an eye—even if the driver is fourteen and the car is stolen:
The boy stopped mid-getaway Wednesday to ask for help, and at least 15 people responded, according to Phoenix police. Police said the boy then got stuck in reverse, and more neighbors helped him push the car.

When he still couldn't figure out how to operate the manual transmission, police said he asked a passer-by for an impromptu driving lesson. Margarita Wood tried to give him directions through the car window and finally climbed in to help.
Link (submitted by kbrudnic). I would think that his being fourteen would only make his inability to drive stick more plausible. Pay it forward.

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Image credits: Cop Car, courtesty Wicked Good Art, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.