Monday, July 10, 2006

Rogue Helicopter Pilots Have Made Him Mad as Hell, and He's Not Going to Take It Anymore!

Local concerned citizen and possible paranoid schizophrenic David Thompson visited the Charlotte, North Carolina, city counsel recently to voice his podium-shaking concern about a rogue helicopter pilot and the men who don't want ice in the arena:

Link (via BoingBoing). For those of you who prefer print to video, here's what David Thompson had to say:
I stood up here last time. I’m gonna ask if when I get in to this you can give me an extra minute or thirty seconds, and once I get into this . . . I’m here tonight to request John Walsh of the FBI’s most wanted to make public and request a number one—America’s number one public enemy. We have a rogue helicopter pilot on the loose inside this airspace. He’s also on the loose inside this country. And I am after this report right here which is a classified document from the Freedom of Information Act within the FAA. When I came down here to speak back in April about the bundling, I went home. I said something, because I had—I could back it up, because I went to the Smith Junior High meeting years ago and I reminded you of four things I said, which were no smoking, thirty thousand seats, sew the hot water panels on it, and put ice in the arena. And I told you why there’s no ice in the arena. I made a statement, and the statement was the reason there’s no ice in the arena is because somebody had their hand in the pie. He didn’t want ice in that arena because he knew down the road, just like the NBA adventure, the NFL and the NHL were going to expand. And if he allowed ice to be put in the arena that meant sometime down the road he’d have a competing tenant, which would lessen his bargaining power with the city of Charlotte. I’ve been ready to explode like Mt. St. Helens since the weekend of May 27 and 28, and what happened to me was the evening of the 28 I woke up in my house. It was late in the evening—early morning, A.M. And my house was shakin’, and it’s shakin’! and it’s just shakin’! and it’s shaking!—it shakes for over a minute to two minutes. It shook constantly. And it was the same white helicopter that I saw on Sunday afternoon that flew over my house when I walked from my part of the house to my garage.

I won’t raise my voice. That’s fine, they have a right to be scared, because that’s why I’m here tonight. I was scared, I was endangered, and I was threatened. My life was in danger because we have a helicopter pilot that flew twenty-five to thirty feet above my roofline between the magnolia tree and the property line for one to two minutes, and then he bailed out. And I followed him, and I tracked him down through the FAA because I made an official report. Sue Myers knows about this, the FBI knows about this, John Edwards knows about this, the Criminal Intelligence Division of the Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department knows about this. I want this pilot. I want—it’s a matter of national security. Wherever you are, Mr. Helicopter Pilot, come out of your hole. And you too George Shin because you’re in that helicopter pilot—you’re in that helicopter, and you’re nothing but a chameleon, lemon-headed, coward, terrorist pussy! And I’m coming after you buddy! You’re gonna pay for it! Goodnight!
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Video credits:
Psycho complains to city about "rogue helicopter pilot", UNCJigga, courtesy Youtube, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


Anonymous kennethantonio said...

oh snap. that rogue chameleon helicopter pilot got rocked.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous james the pilot said...

Me thinks some of the screws in his head need tightening quick...

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's "Sue Myrick" not "Sue Myers".

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He says "solar hot water heaters" not sew on water heaters or whatever.

1:59 PM  
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