Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Hardestification of Cinema

Brandon Hardesty re-enacts scenes from classic (okay, mostly eighties and nineties) movies. Years from now, film students will study the low-budget minimalism and sheer gonzo passion. Witness, for instance, this write-up in the Village Voice:
[A]s with all of Hardesty's films—one-man re-enactments of choice scenes from The Shining, Princess Bride, and other mainstream classics—the viewer's emotional arc moves from the soft prejudice of low expectations through growing astonishment at Hardesty's uncanny, note-for-note re-creation, arriving in the end at an almost tragic sense of the gap between fandom and professionalism. Now showing on YouTube (of course), Hardesty's work is Web culture at its finest: Funny, loving, democratic, hybrid, weird.
Link. Now, we just get to enjoy them:
This is the "Battle of Wits" scene from The Princess Bride. A mysterious man in black has been chasing three criminals who have kidnapped a princess. He has beaten a swordsman and a giant. Now all that's left is outsmarting the genius of the group, Vizzini, in a battle of wits.

------------------------------ --------------

Yes, that is my actual voice. (Wtf?)

Yes, I realize that there is a glaring continuity error, and I hit myself for not noticing it. I didn't go back and fix it for two reasons:

1. I didn't feel like it.

2. It was only a small continuity error, and I'm not trying to focus on getting the scene picture perfect to the original. I'm focusing on the acting and dialogue.

I know I fell the wrong way. There was a desk to my right. I would have collided with it.

------------------------------ --------------

Here's a list of what I used, and what they were supposed to represent in the scene.
My mask = a pair of boxers with holes cut in them
My moustache = a brown-colored toothpick scotch-taped to my face
Wine = Iced tea
Wine bottle = a tupperware container
The Princess (scene briefly on the right of the screen near the beginning) = a rocking horse with a red shirt on it
Link (via Neatorama). Keep the change, you filthy animal.

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Not too bad, I think. However, I think the acting in the Breakfast Club was sub-par initially - so he didn't have too far to go.

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