Thursday, May 25, 2006

Who Is Osama Txting For?

Osama bin Laden released another of his greatest hits yesterday just hours before the American Idol finale. Is that why millions of Americans rushed to vote for Taylor? Maybe Osama wanted us to vote for Taylor, so we really should have voted for Katherine.

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Blogger Tanning Lotion said...

My take on American Idol-I do love that show!!

What a great show last night. It was great to see Mandisa. I think that she is a real beauty. She has designer skin with that complexion and boy can she sing. She leaves me spellbound. It was nice to see Taylor win, that man has soul. He will be a rock star Katherine I believe has the best voice in American Idol history plus she is hot. Lisa is one bronze sexy diva. It is hard to believe that she is only 17, she performs way beyond her years. My wife thinks that I am neurotic for my passion to Idol. How about Kelli P., I'll never forget when Simon called her a minx and she did not know what it was. I bet it was wild to see her at first in California, about the only thing going for her was a tan. However she is quite sinful with her denim & diamonds look, quite ravishing. I think that Paris with that winey voice is a bi-polar drama queen, not the goddess that Randy thinks she is. It was really good to see Taylor win. He did not let intimidation get in the way of his heart's desire. He let his sheer wisdom push his dream on and his free spirit guide him. It was nice to see the revival of little Kevin. If Chicken Little is famous then Kevin is Almost Famous. He looks like an Angel with a halo, the only thing missing is the ray of light. Back to Katharine she really did build up to the climax this season. She is such a bombshell. Of course I am jaded by the awesome voice. I would worship the ground she walks on. Fox promised to tantalize us and they did it. Great year guys and gals.

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