Monday, May 08, 2006

Concert Review: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Suedo Apmuza

On 4/12/2006 I, Suedo Apmuza, met up with my friend NP for the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah concert at the Avalon Ballroom in Boston, MA. In brief, it was a good, fun show.

I don’t feel like writing coherent prose, so let me just highlight some moments:

- Eating a huge $7 sausage outside of Fenway Park (next to the Avalon).
- Eating a second huge $7 sausage because NP is crazy.
- Trying to figure out why The Brunettes started wearing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen masks for their last song.
- Getting a great spot about 5 rows from the front of the stage with a clear view behind some short girls.
- Enjoying the first few chords and thinking, ‘Gee, these girls are really getting into the music. I’m glad I’m not next to some corpses that don’t enjoy it.’
- Realizing the short girls are severely impaired as they repeatedly bump into everyone around them. After a few dirty looks from a guy in front of them that had been hit repeatedly, he finally (and rightfully) says a few words. The girls clearly didn't understand and/or care. Wishing I was closer to the corpses.
- Pleasantly surprised but scared that CYHSY is playing a great ‘The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth’ as like the 4th or 5th song in the set. I would’ve expected it to come much later as a closer/encore. I hope they have more good stuff. (They did)
- Complement: CYHSY has tons of energy and seem to be having a great time.
- Criticism: They end their songs poorly. On the CD, the songs fade into one another with cool electronic beeps and static…but live, the songs just end with no extra choruses, no big finishes.
- The drummer looks like the big guy from Freaks and Geeks.
- They play the funky opening song to start the encore. It’s fun.
- I have no idea what their songs are about, even when I read the lyrics on the liner notes. I wonder if they’ve created some alternate reality with bees and teeth and odd melodies. Maybe they have a whole mythology and backstories.
- In conclusion, check these guys out.

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