Wednesday, April 05, 2006

World Population Blob Map: Europe to Shrink, Africa to Fatten


This map depicts the world in the year 2300, with the size of countries adjusted to reflect their share of the world's population:
The highest long term population growth is predicted for Africa. Africa is currently underpopulated and has the lowest life expectancies. Other regions' populations are predicted to stay level or decline. Between 2050 and 2300 the areas currently known as India, China, the United States and Pakistan maintain their ranked order as having the world's highest populations.
Link (via Neatorama). Europe, which currently has about the same population at the United States, just keeps shrinking. And do you notice that the mainland United States looks exactly the same size and shape as it does in real life? I think the map was indexed around that, which is a bit Amero-centric of the mapmakers. By 2300, the world's population is expected to be nine billion, all of which will have been served by McDonald's.

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Anonymous congrats on the law journal! said...

notice the shrinking population of Canada? After the melting of all the Arctic ice, polar bears have resulted to eating Canadians and will slowly march south until they reach their fellow ice loving friends-Antarctic penguins. We'd better watch our backs or we might soon become a polar bear feast.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous congrats on the law journal! said...

i meant resorted...not resulted...I was destracted by the large white animal circling my didn't look native.

3:17 PM  
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