Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pearl Jam Still Alive, Rest of World Committing Suicide

Suedo Apmuza
Pearl Jam recently released the first single from their upcoming eighth studio album due out in May 2006. The track is titled World Wide Suicide and was initially made available for free from their website.

Bad jokes are pretty easy on this one. “You get what you pay for” and “World wide suicide is likely if we have to listen to this crap” come to mind. Even for a long-time Pearl Jam fan(atic) like myself, this song sucks.

World Wide Suicide is yet another forgettable political-rant-set-to-rock track, continuing right where 2000’s Insignificance and 2002’s Bu$hleaguer left off. Unfortunately, World Wide Suicide is continuing a downward trend of less interesting choruses, less exciting lyrics, and less emotional intensity.

Some bands can do political rock. Rage Against the Machine made me want to roll down Rodeo with my shotgun for the people of the sun. Pearl Jam, however, consistently fails to get me riled up. If it’s any comfort, at least their heart is in the right place. In a recent interview lead singer Eddie Vedder says
“We're a country that instigated a war under false pretences, thousands of people are dying, we're wasting billions of dollars and yet the media is inundated with stories on teenage pop star's weight loss. It's insane. You've got bling this and bling that and it's polluting the mind's of our youth as to what's important in life.” (Kerrag)

It is a shame that all this couldn’t translate into a good song.

The only silver lining to World Wide Suicide is that there are 12 other tracks on the upcoming self-titled album that might be good. Both Binaural (2000) and Riot Act (2002) had some solid tunes about more traditional Pearl Jam topics such as love, loss, and longing. There is hope.

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