Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hasidim Riot after Brooklyn Arrest


Hashem's rays fire blaze burn bright and I believe
Out of darkness comes light, twilight unto the heights
Crown Heights burnin' up all through the twilight
-Matisyahu, "King without a Crown"

When the NYPD pulled over 75-year-old Arthur Schick in Borough Park Tuesday night, Hasidic witnesses went all Do the Right Thing:
As rumors spread through the crowd that Schick had been beaten, tensions escalated and hundreds of people in traditional black garb poured onto 16th Ave. from 46th to 50th Sts. They set fire to old magazines, fruit boxes and other trash up and down the avenue.

Firefighters raced to put out at least seven blazes and water down the streets.

Demonstrators smashed the windows of one police cruiser and torched another by throwing a gasoline-soaked rag into its backseat. A helicopter searchlight swept the street, and riot police formed lines along 16th Ave., hollering, "Back on the sidewalk!"
Link (via Fark). What kind of way is this to kick off Passover?

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Image credits: "Hassidim Fire," Neeman Callender, courtesy Kabbala Online, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.