Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ebu Gogo Found Alive!

H. floresiensis, the tiny hominid from the Indonesian island of Flores, has been a mystery of science since a skeletal specimen was discovered a couple years ago. Now that mystery is taking on a new dimension with news out of Australia that the legendary tiny man (er, woman) has been found alive near the island's the Liang Bua cave:
[University of Canberra researcher Peter] Stire cautions tests may still reveal that "Helena," as she is being called, may be a diminutive member of Homo sapiens, or modern humans. "We've found examples of humans adapted to various environment that vary wildly from normal human size," he said, noting the example of African pygmies. Helena, however, has distinct, almost ape-like, facial features and a thick coat of hair. "We haven't ever found a non-Homo sapiens hominid still surviving," Stire added. "If that is what Helena turns out to be, we may be forced to reevaluate our definition of what it means to be human."
Link (via Fortean Times). Well, this blows my plan to be the first person to find a living ebu gogo.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe many of these creatures are real, but they are spiritual beings. That is why they are never caught, killed or proven to exist.

6:59 PM  
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