Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Multicolored Snow over Russia


Pink snow, tinted by either Mongolian dust or volcanic activity, fell over Russia's Primorsky Krai (Maritime Province) this weekend. But it's not the first time this winter nonwhite snow has enshrouded Russia:
February’s yellow snowfall with a strong odor and an oily texture was observed on Russia’s Far East island of Sakhalin. The color, odor and texture of the snow may have been a result of environmental pollution caused by the island’s oil and natural gas industry.
Link (via Fortean Times). So the lesson goes, you could make any colored snow you wanted with the proper balance of natural and manmade environmental scourges. Or food coloring.

Indexed by tags: nature, weather, meteorology, snow, pink, yellow, color, Russia, Maritime, Primorsky Krai, dust, volcano, pollution.
Image credits: AFP photo courtesy Mosnews, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


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