Friday, March 10, 2006

Furry Crustacean Found


Nine hundred miles south of Easter Island, seven thousand feet below the surface, lies what can only be described as a furry crustacean:
In what Segonzac described as a "surprising characteristic," the animal's pincers are covered with sinuous, hair-like strands.

It is also blind. The researchers found it had only "the vestige of a membrane" in place of eyes, Segonzac said.

The researchers said that while legions of new ocean species are discovered each year, it is quite rare to find one that merits a new family.

The family was named Kiwaida, from Kiwa, the goddess of crustaceans in Polynesian mythology.
Link (via BoingBoing). I'd still rather tangle with a furry crustacean than one that eats your tongue and lodges itself in its place.

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Image credits: Courtesy AP, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


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