Monday, March 13, 2006

Car Cuddling Won't Cost You

A newlywed wife in Oregon likes to ride in the middle of the front bench seat when her husband is driving, but, because it just has a lap belt without a shoulder harness, she was cited:
"I just went back to sitting next to my husband," she told The McMinnville News-Register. "I have always sat next to him since we were married."

Then, just two days before Valentine's Day, the Millers crossed paths with [Deputy Darren] Broome once again.

Spotting Miller in her accustomed position next to her husband, he lit up his overheads and pulled the couple over.

This time, she got a citation, for $97, the first ticket Miller said she had ever gotten in her whole life.
Link. But the wife, Faith Miller, decided it was a good idea to see if there was actually any law she was violating:
"I can't find a statute that supports that violation," [Lieutenant Paul] May told the News-Register. "It certainly does for children, but not for adults. "There's a recommendation that if a shoulder belt is available, to use it. But it's not in the statute. It's a traffic recommendation."
I really see this as a win for drivers of and passengers in cars with bench seats everywhere. Which makes me nostalgic for my first car:

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Video credits: 1988 Dodge Aries, courtesy YouTube, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


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