Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Brooklyn Buzz of Indeterminate Origin

Okay, I could understand how New Yorkers might have trouble tracking down the source of a wafting scent in the air. But when something is making a racket, why can't they just keep walking toward it?
A mysterious humming noise is driving people nuts in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Every day and every night, residents are tortured by the endless hum. And it's not just background noise.

The constant buzz is like the "roar of an engine and the honk of a fog horn," the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

. . . .

Some say it's a cargo ship sitting offshore, while others blame a nearby sewage-treatment plant or a locomotive. But all attempts to prove where the hum comes from have failed.
Link. I mean, if it's constant, it seems like it should be easier to find than a mystery screamer.

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