Monday, March 20, 2006

Aliens: Take Me to Your Rural, Lower-Middle Class Folks

If you're a space alien, you've traveled lightyears across the universe from some distant galaxy to explore life on Earth, so of course you'd be interested in kidnapping poor rubes:
Persons who seem to be taken from their beds, cars, or dining room tables are, indeed, taken someplace, and taken there in toto, not psychically or “spiritually.”

The fly in that ointment, however, is that only the members of the hoi polloi are abducted; no one of stature or fame has reported an abduction, unless one assumes that such noted individuals are taken but not returned: Judge Crater, Amelia Earhart, Ambrose Bierce, et alii come to mind.

That aside, those who are elements of the lower class get taken away rather frequently, and returned intact – shaken by their “experience” but no worse for wear evidently since most go about their normal living routines, unencumbered by the thing that has happened to them.
Link (via Sploid). Or, you could just be a figment of their imaginations after all.

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