Thursday, February 23, 2006

Woman Figure Skater Wears Pants on Ice

In Tuesday night's preliminary skate, Russian gold-hopeful Irina Slutskaya broke new ground by rolling down her sleeves:
Also good is the new rule that allows female skaters to wear pants. Slutskaya wore a sequined jumpsuit, basically the kind of thing male figure skaters tend to wear. She looked powerful, muscular, dynamic.

The copious tape of Michelle Kwan practicing last week showed the world how vigorous and athletic female figure skaters look when they wear sports gear, a stark contrast to the weirdly sexualized baby dolls their traditional tiny-but-chaste costumes turn them into.

Slutskaya's outfit wasn't sports gear, but it was a step in the right direction. Next to her, Cohen looked faintly ridiculous in her get-up, with its vast expanses of flesh-colored nylon.
Link. Slate's Meghan O'Rourke was also wowed by the power of the longjohns:
[T]he hero of the night may have been the top Russian: the 27-year-old dynamo Irina Slutskaya. Perhaps to stave off the inevitable jokes about her name, Slutskaya elected to be the first female figure skater in the Olympics to wear pants rather than the traditional flippy skirt. (The rules were changed earlier this year. How permissive figure skating has become!) Whatever the case, she skated with the power of a rocket booster, and, in her star-spangled catsuit, seemed ready to propel herself right into the sky.
Link. Despite my admiration for the traditional flippy skirt (I'm apparently one of the few who thought Sasha Cohen's Romawear was attractive, and Mrs. GR permits me to say that Kimmie Meissner, despite being only sixteen and rather resembling my sister-in-law, looked "cute"), I certainly understand that the old "I see London, I see France" routine can become demeaning over time.

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Image credits: "Slutskaya must come from behind to take gold," courtesy BBC, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


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