Monday, February 20, 2006

"Trolls": Norway's Ebu Gogo

When you plan your next vacation, you might want to consider troll hunting in Northern Norway, but be sure to turn that smile upside down:
People come to Northern Norway not only for the auroras and to see its Arctic landscape, but also to hunt for trolls, the mythical creatures rumored to hide in the forests and mountainsides.

These "nordmenn" (men of the north) are generally believed to have supernatural powers and offer good luck. Supposedly, trolls are as blind as a bat and can't see their own hand in front of them. Legend says the worst thing you could do near a troll is to be happy; they hate happiness and things that make people happy. So we have to be careful to not make a troll mad.
Link (via Sploid). Unlike the ebu gogo, no one's found tiny little bones of dead trolls. But when they do, they'll sell them on ebay.

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