Friday, February 03, 2006

Joey Chestnut Wins Wing Bowl XVI, Breaks Record

Only Philadelphia could host an eating contest of such gastronomic proportions as Wing Bowl. What is Wing Bowl? For that, we turn to Googlism:
wing bowl is as uniquely philadelphia as the cracked bell
wing bowl is a gathering of 22 of the biggest
wing bowl is that the expert bowlers will use them to "wick in" to the jack
wing bowl is not only the laughs and giggles that it will provide to thousands at the fu center
wing bowl is a classic philadelphia event that defies logical description
wing bowl is a collection of the greatest
wing bowl is best experienced live
wing bowl is that sometimes the opponent will use them to wick in to the jack
wing bowl is
wing bowl is greatly different than in years past
wing bowl is over
Contestants and their posses come from San Jose, California, and Delaware County to participate in the revelry. This year, Californian Joey Chestnut downed 173 buffalo wings in, I dunno, some amount of time to set an all-time record. Wook was on the scene:
Bad food. Fat dudes. Strippers. The Wing Bowl pretty-much covers everything I love about America, and as I stood on the floor of the Wachovia Center, marveling at the theatricality on display, I couldn't help but question myself as to why I haven't done this year-in and year-out. To think that all these working class stiffs woke up well-before the crack of dawn with the expectation to see (A) boobies and (b) dudes hurling (in that order) is a stunning testament to mankind.

As the nausea has passed, I'm still trying to process my favorite moment; the near-teary eyed retirement of El Wingador's "number" in the rafters ("I really wish I could be down there eating with the guys" he stumbled through with much emotion); the regal entrance of the Polish Prince; the dude urinating in a cup besides me; the explosive vomitorium unleashed vertically by Wing Tut.
Link (via Philebrity).'s Early Word liveblogged the merrymaking. Trencherwomen, which is, dare I say, the women's competitive eating blog, liveblogged's liveblogging. Nobody liveblogged Trencherwomen's metaliveblogging, but the Inquirer did print an actual news story about the event, Metroblogging Philadelphia imagined what it would be like, Ms. Levine's History class got some sort of extra credit oppurtunity [sic] about it, and some dude who's vegan mentioned the Wing Bowl, as did some other person. It even affects the life of this kid. Then there's 1280 The Zone, which shows us how it's done in Utah. And if you doubt the MSM would touch a story as controversial as Wing Bowl, you've obviously not been reading the Merc, the Cour-Po, or the Ite. The best, however, is the sheer poetic brilliance of "The Legend of 'El Wingador'":
His return in 2002 , during the Wing Bowls 10th anniversary, El Wingador again made Wing Bowl history !!! Bill "El Wingador " Simmons conquered a staggering 143 wings !!!
de-vour (di-vour) vb.
1. To seize upon and destroy; 2. to consume; 3. to annihilate
Defending his title once again in 2003, El Wingador blew the Wingbowl XI crowd away by devouring 154 wings.
That's a lot of wings.

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