Saturday, February 11, 2006

Human-Animal Hybrid Offensive to Muslims?

A picture included in a brochure purporting to display images offensive to Islam taken on a tour of the Middle East by a delegation of Danish Muslims is actually not one of the controversial Muhammad cartoons but a photo of a costumed Frenchman in a pig-calling contest:
The picture shows a bearded man wearing fake pig ears, a pig nose, and a pink embroidered cap on his head. He was wearing the costume while participating in a pig-squealing contest at an annual festival in a farm village in southern France last summer.

. . . .

"The photograph was taken at an agriculture fair last summer and is totally unrelated to the current controversy," said AP's Director of Photography Santiago Lyon.

Jack Stokes, an AP spokesman, said the picture was used "completely out of context and without permission.

"AP is attempting to contact the distributors of this unrelated photo to protest its misrepresentation and demand that they stop immediately," he said.
Link (via Newsvine). I don't care what religion you practice or what language you speak: human-animal hybrids are offensive.

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Image credits: "Costumed Competitor in a French Pig-squeeling Contest," AP Photo, courtesy Newsvine, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


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