Sunday, February 12, 2006

French Kangaroos Tangle with Peugeots

French cars have been suffering from encouters with wild kangaroos—I suppose I should say "kangaroux":
Motorists driving through the Rambouillet forest have hit numerous furry, gray, stupid, non-deer creatures with their cars. But when they call their insurance companies to file damage reports, they get the bureaucratic equivalent of a "yeah, right."

One woman who lives in the town of Emance said, "My husband and I were driving home, and it was very cold and dark. Suddenly a kangaroo jumped in front of the car. It was like a deer, but a deer bounds away. This creature just sat there."

According to the mayor of Emance, Francoise Grangeon, "Kangaroos have been part of our daily life for 20 years." She's had to write hundreds of letters to insurance companies declaring that motorists are not insane, and roos really do roam the region.

The surly macropods have been breeding in the romantic forest of Rambouillet since they escaped a nearby wildlife park. Ever since, they've been flinging themselves into the grills of moving cars with wild abandon.
Link. Um, wtf mate?

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