Thursday, February 16, 2006

Capital of Myanmar (Burma) Packs Up and Moves

The military junta that rules Burma, which they've renamed Myanmar, but which in Risk is still just part of Siam, has decided that the name change wasn't confusing enough, so now they're moving the capital to an obscure village just for the sake of throwing people cramming for Jeopardy off:
[W]hy go to the huge trouble and expense of relocating thousands of officials to a remote mountainous region, when there is a well-established political infrastructure in the port city of Rangoon?

Information Minister Kyaw Hsan said the site of the new capital, near the town of Pyinmana, was a more strategic location for Burma's military rulers.

"It is centrally located, and has quick access to all parts of the country," he told reporters on Monday.

But analysts outside the country were unconvinced.

They said the real reason was probably still a mystery, but it was possible the country's hard-line military rulers were worried about foreign invasion, or wanted more control over ethnic minorities in the border regions, or were even following the advice of fortune tellers.
Link. Fortune tellers, huh? Sounds like what you'd expect from the people that brought you gold-eyed cats. The Beeb even features the move in a photo gallery, which looks oddly like The Bridge on the River Kwai. Now I've got that crazy whistling stuck in my head. What were we talking about?

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