Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blind Woman Regains Sight after Heart Attack

Joyce Urch had gone mysteriously blind before her fiftieth birthday. She suffered from glaucoma, but doctors didn't think that was the blindness's causeā€”in fact, they had no idea what caused it. But when she awoke after a heart attack, her vision had returned:
She said: "When I first came round I just opened my eyes and shouted, 'I can see, I can see.' When I looked in the mirror I said, 'Oh.' I said to [her husband] Eric, 'You've got older haven't you?' But I thought, 'I'm old myself, my husband must be too.'"

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"They did a lot of tests and said it was a genetic condition," said Mrs Urch. "Other members of my family have lost their sight, including my grandmother and two aunts.

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Martin Breen, consultant cardiologist at the Walgrave Hospital, said: "I am not able to give a medical explanation. When she was admitted to hospital, she had suffered a serious heart attack and our main concern was to save her life. I am delighted that she has fully recovered, and it is an added bonus that she has also recovered her sight."
Link. Despite an explanation of the link, if any, between the heart attack and the regained sight, doctors are now recommending that the blind go on an all-cholesterol diet.

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