Monday, January 09, 2006


Bigfoot's been busy recently on the Asian leg of his world tour. First, in Malaysia, there's the report of a creature killed by hunters whose body was removed by loggers—or the government?!—before researchers could arive:
Amlir [Ayat], a former World Wildlife Fund officer, said villagers in Kuala Tahan had told him they were looking for jungle produce when they came into contact with a huge black and hairy creature which they claimed was over three metres tall.

"One of them fired a shot from his shotgun. When it started to charge at them, they fired again. . . ."

. . . .

Amlir said although he was only told of the shooting a year later, he managed to locate the villagers and mount a search for the remains.

"By then, loggers had moved into the site and cleared the grounds. The evidence was gone," he lamented.
Link (via Cryptomundo). But mere shotgun blasts and a year of decomposition can't stop Bigfoot! He next travels to India, where he leaves huge footprints near an apparent shelter:
Was there an Indian Bigfoot? Yes, insists a team of amateur anthropologists led by S R Krishnaswamy. "We found four footprints of Bigfoot. In one, the footprint of the adult male measures 29 inches and the female size is 26 inches.

Even the young one's foot size is 8.5 inches," said Krishnaswamy on Monday. Going by the size of the footmarks, the anthropologists say Indian Bigfoot would have been far bigger than his Australian and Malaysian counterparts, estimated to be about 8 feet tall and weighing a hefty 350 kg.
Link (also via Cryptomundo).

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