Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sasq-Watch: Bigfoot Wants Chemical Weapons

A security guard saw someone breaking into the chemical weapons depot compound at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, only the someone he saw may not have been human:
"There's no doubt in my mind that the officer saw something, but it wasn't human," Col. Brian S. Lindamood said. "At this time I have no idea what it could be."

Lindamood said the officer was patrolling inside a 500-acre secure section of the arsenal where chemical weapons, including nerve agents, are stored.

"He reported that he saw three individuals on foot inside the (secure area) and when he approached in his vehicle they ran into the woods," he said.
Link. Cryptomundo's Craig Woolheater thinks it must have been bigfoot. But what would bigfoot want with chemical weapons? And what would he be using it for in Malaysia (submitted by Mars)? Trouble is afoot.

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