Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Return of Atlatl?


A few months ago we brought you the story of the Pennsylvania Atlatl Society's pursuit of legality for their weapon of choice. Now it appears that movement is doomed:

The Pennsylvania Game Commission staff has recommended that, at the Jan. 22-24 meeting, its board not allow hunting with the device, known as an atlatl, and its "dart."

Hunting by atlatl would result in too many maimed deer stumbling through the woods to slow deaths, the staff suggested.

The recommendation, released by the commission yesterday, warned that "the staff is not convinced" that an atlatl, "in the hands of the average hunter, possesses sufficient lethality to ethically and humanely harvest a deer in Pennsylvania."

Link. Ah, well. Trebuchet it is.

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Image credits: Copyright Ken M. Brown, 1986, available at The Graham-Applegate Rancheria, Texas Beyond History, borrowed for news reporting and comment purposes.


Anonymous Mars said...

Did you see the Daily Show/Colbert Report about the atlatl? It turns out that it's pretty hard to use.

Spear throwers are a thing of the past, anyway. I was watching Myth Busters and they tried to build a crossbow out of newspaper and a prison tray. It didn't work that well.

So - let's keep a list
Possible weapons
atlatls/spear throwers - NO
homemade crossbows - NO

Good luck testin out your mad skills

12:15 PM  

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