Sunday, December 11, 2005

Philadelphia City Hall-idays


The good people at Philadelphia's Center City District decided to gingerbread house–ify the largest and tallest masonry building in the world, City Hall:

I asked Moore College of Art and Design professor Moe Brooker, who chairs the Basics Department and is an expert on two-dimensional art, to meet me at Dilworth Plaza to eyeball the thing.

Brooker looked up and smiled. "I like it. I like it very much. I like the combination of colors," beamed Brooker, who's never seen my Hawaiian shirts.

"I like that it illuminates and defines more clearly certain aspects of the building," such as recesses and statues, "which you don't normally see when it's a stark-white building."

Like retired art teacher [Mina] Smith-Segal, Brooker believes it's best reserved for special occasions. "I think I would get bored with it 365 days a year."

That won't happen, but Paul R. Levy, president of the sponsoring Center City District, lusts to expand it to more buildings next year.

Link. The feat is apparently accomplished with projected slides of color mapped onto a photo of the building.

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Image credits: DSCF7761 by miss plum, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes. I've also taken pictures of this, but they sucked. Blame it on the camera battery dying and on a bad photographer.


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