Friday, December 09, 2005

Mystery Creature Photographed in West Virginia?

Is that bright orange thing in the center of the picture a leaf, a fire, the back end of a deer . . . or a Bigfoot-like bipedal cryptid looking for love?

Mr. [Frederick B.] Gerwig writes: "I think I mentioned earlier that this camera is unmanned as to not disturb the animals that come in to feed. There are many rock overhangs and crevices in this area that this thing might be using for shelter. In fact, approximately 100 ft in the direction in which the entity is walking there is a large rock overhang we used to get under to get out of the rain when I played in these woods as a child. It looks straight over my parents house. Behind the entity is an incline to the ridge line of the mountain and a large rock wall with a drop of several hundred feet. P. S. - In case I failed to mention in the initial email, my father’s property is posted for no trespassing, very few individuals are permitted to be in those woods."

Braxton County, West Virginia, is the site of the "Braxton County Monster" reports of September 12, 1952, otherwise known as the "Flatwoods Monster" or "Green Monster" encounter.

Less well-known is an encounter in this general area that took place in 1960. At 11:00 P.M., Friday, December 30, 1960, bakery deliveryman Charles Stover rounded a curve on a lonely, backwoods road near Hickory Flats, West Virginia - between Braxton and Webster Counties - and saw a "monster, standing erect, with hair all over its body." Stover said that he almost hit the thing and stopped his bakery truck a short distance away to look back. The hairy, six-foot-tall, man-shaped figure stood beside the road watching him. He stepped on the gas and finally stopped at a restaurant-filling station where he told his story to a group of men. They immediately armed themselves and went to the spot. They found strange marks on the ground and a large rocks had been overturned by something. But the creature was never found.

Link. Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo dubs him "the Braxton Beast." The creature in the picture, that is, not Frederick B. Gerwig. There are enhancements of the photo here.

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