Monday, December 12, 2005

Lehigh Sophomore Class President Arrested for Bank Robbery

In the little town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Lehigh sophomore Greg Hogan, who happens to be his class's president, was arrested Friday on armed robbery charges:
The robbery occurred at the Wachovia Bank at 943 Union Blvd. at 3:02 p.m. Hogan handed the teller a note that demanded money and said he had a weapon. Police haven’t confirmed if he had a weapon.

Hogan confessed to the police that he robbed the bank.

According to police, Hogan then left the bank with $2,871 and entered a black Ford Explorer owned and driven by Student Senate President Kip Wallen. Hogan was arrested Friday at 8:30 p.m. at Sigma Phi Epsilon -- both are brothers there.

. . . .

Scott said Hogan came from a wealthy background.

“His school was really rich,” Scott said. “Greg used to say that some of the richest people in the Midwest would send their kids to his high school."
Link (thanks, Adam A). When you're searching for meaning, it's always best to break out the Spider-Man quotes:
Colin Hewko, ’07, was astounded when he heard about the story. He said he doesn’t feel like the typical Lehigh student could rob a bank. He said Hogan disgraced the university if this is true.

“When you have power, you have responsibility, especially if you’re a campus representative,” he said.
I don't know about you, but my bells and whistles went off when I hit the part about the robber and getaway car driver being frat brothers. Those crazy Lehigh Sig Ep kids. Will they ever learn?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can never know wha tpeople might do. A "typical" Lehigh kid might not do that unless driven to extreme measures. who knows was was going on in Hogan's life that made him act the way that he did. He might have gotten involved with some pretty scarry people in Bethlehelm (it's kind of a scarry town). yet, you're true: Hogan did disgrace the college is it is true (which it seems as though it is). but, the comment that he came from an affluent family is obviously not true, or else he would not have felt the need to rob a bank (sides, his father is a minister, not a fortune-500 CEO, and there is a such thing as financial aid, thank god).
anyway, that is all i wanted to say.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know the family personally and OLD MONEY they have. this is not a person who wants for things. he went to a very exclusive high school in northern ohio. i know that his family has super huge expectations for him and he has never really been able to make an important decision without feeling pressure from his family. maybe he just wanted to break free.

1:04 AM  
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