Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

Shadowlands has a directory of haunted spots in Pennsylvania, which was apparently last updated in July 2005 despite looking like a webpage from 1996. Although its prose is a bit scatterbrained, the site is breathtaking in its comprehensiveness, and its matter-of-fact tone is a little unnerving:
Philadelphia - James Martin School - This used to be a hospital and nursing school.. and at times you could see bloody hands and people in the mirrors. In the blocked off attic section you can look in the window from the outside and SEE a face. There are a few stories behind it. 1. The boys were cutting school and got stuck in the attic. 2. A mental patient went crazy and through himself out the window. 3. Mental patients went up into the attic and slit each others wrist. They ARE all possible reasons BUT there is something there AND THEY are all the reason for the man or woman in the window.
Link. I really don't understand the emphasis in that last sentence, but I have to admit it is effective in communicating urgency.

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