Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Flying Saucer Spotted over New Mexico Town

This story was originally posted July 10, 1947. During the holidays, the Good Reverend is rerunning classic posts.

Just a couple weeks ago, we brought you the story of Several Flying Saucers, seen over Mt. Rainier, in Washington. Now it appears that the Discs are migrating South for the Summer, unlike the wise Avians who prefer the fair weather of the Winter Months. New Mexico's Roswell Daily Record brings us the tale of another Flying Saucer that has apparently crashed there, and been recovered:
The intelligence office of the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Field announced at noon today, that the field has come into possession of a flying saucer.

According to information released by the department, over authority of Maj.J. A. Marcel, intelligence officer, the disk was recovered on a ranch in the Roswell vicinity, after an unidentified rancher had notified Sheriff Geo. Wilcox, here, that he had found the instrument on his premises.

. . . .

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot apparently were the only persons in Roswell who seen what they thought was a flying disk.

They were sitting on their porch at 105 South Penn. last Wednesday night at about ten o'clock when a large glowing object zoomed out of the sky from the southeast, going in a northwesterly direction at a high rate of speed.
Link. It seems clear now to The Good Reverend that we are under attack by Space Men, who are angered by the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act!

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Image credits: "Flying Saucer II," courtesy Alien-UFOs, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.


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