Monday, November 14, 2005

What Does the U.S. Military Want with Canada's Garage Doors?

Earlier this month, Ottawa was affected by a mysterious force that was--oh evil of evils--preventing the city from operating its garage doors:
Hundreds of automatic garage doors in the Ottawa area have suddenly and strangely stopped working, due to a powerful radio signal that appears to be interfering with their remote controls.

The phenomenon began suddenly last weekend, J.P. Cleroux of Ram Overhead Door Systems said, adding that a strong signal was blocking garage door openers.

"It's affects a 25-mile radius. That's huge," said Cleroux.

Link. But then, leaving questions behind, most notably the one posed in the title of this post, the signal fanished like a New York maple syrup cloud:
The powerful radio signal causing the problem stopped transmitting on Thursday afternoon, around the time CBC News contacted the U.S. Embassy to ask if it knew anything about it.

The embassy categorically denies that it had anything to do with it.

The signal was being transmitted at 390 megahertz, a U.S. military frequency used by the Pentagon's new Land Mobile Radio System. The same frequency is used by garage doors openers, which started to malfunction around the city about almost two weeks ago. A similar problem has popped up around military bases in the States.

Link. It's that dastardly evil Dr. Bondvillain!

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